1. What is eyebrow threading?

Eye brow threading is an indian technique that removes hair using twisted piece of 100% cotton thread

2. Is threading only for eyebrows?

No, threading can b used all over the face to remove any unwanted facial hair.Threading is able to remove even the finest hair making it an ideal solution for all facial hair removal.

3. Benefits of threading?

100% natural,no chemical or hot wax on the delicate eye area and face! Perfect for those with sensitive skin.it is safe for those on Acne Medication such as Retin –A ,Acutane, etc.Threading also offers the ultimate eyebrow shape and definition as the hair is removed row by row.

4. Is threading safe?

Of course! In fact many consider threading the most hygienic and sustainable hair removal technique around! We simply use an anti-bacterial 100% cotton thread. That’s All! Accutane or Retin– A users:- Many doctors recommend threading for users of Accutane or Retin – A as waxing can burn and tear the skin. Of course should you have any concerns we always recommend speaking to your GP.

5. Do I need an appointment for any of your Services

No, you do not need an appointment for threading,Tinting,Heena Tattoos you only need appointment for eyelash extensions and bridal Henna.